The Clementi Mall – Singapore’s 51st National Day

The Clementi Mall is a six-storey shopping mall that is popularized by Singapore residents living around Clementi, Dover and Bukit Timah areas.

From supermarket and food court to department store and library, this mall provides a one-stop solution with all the essential amenities.


The Challenge

The objective of this marketing campaign was to commemorate Singapore’s 51st National Day by engaging and connecting with shoppers in a social and fun way.

The Solution

An interactive photo booth and video wall was installed within the mall’s premises. Shoppers could take a photo selfie and decorate it with National Day themed stickers. Shoppers could then send the soft copy of their photo to their email as souvenir. The program will also upload their photos into the database, which would pop up on the video wall as social sharing. Additionally, a mini Q&A game was also created that enabled shoppers to play and test their knowledge of Singapore. No prizes were awarded for this.

The Results

The photo video wall created the joyous atmosphere within the mall, with constant cheers and laughter from shoppers who saw their own selfies flashing on the wall. The soft copy of photo selfie also provided a nice keepsake for shoppers.


"Great ideas have something in common with bad ones: Early on, they both sound ridiculous."