NTUC Finest – The Augmented Reality Photo Booth

NTUC Finest is part of Singapore’s largest supermarket retailer that not only serves shoppers with premium quality fresh foods; they are also guided by the philosophy to do good for the local community.



The Challenge

NTUC Finest wanted to spread the Christmas cheer and reach out to as many consumers in the CBD. It was also part of a branding exercise for the supermarket.


The Solution

A Christmas pop-up store was set up outside OCBC bank in the CBD. One of the main features of the store was the interactive digital photo booth. It enabled consumers to take photos at the booth, with customized frames, all with a touch to activate the interactive booth. Consumers were able to print and enjoy the photos instantly.

The Results

It created a lot of happy laughter and cheers at the pop-up store because participants enjoyed taking photos with their friends. It was a simple yet engaging activity that bonded people together. The printed photos with customized frames also served as good branding for NTUC Finest.


"Great ideas have something in common with bad ones: Early on, they both sound ridiculous."