HBO – Interactive Photobooth on a Mobile Truck

HBO is a well-loved premium cable and satellite television network, which is home to numerous award-winning and critically acclaimed series, documentaries, movies, sporting events and more.



The Challenge

One of the key objectives of this marketing campaign was to create buzz in promoting the Oscars 2016, which was going to be aired exclusively on HBO.

The Solution

An interactive installation on a mobile truck was built and travelled to several locations island wide to promote the Oscars. The name of the game was for consumers to participate in a Question & Answer (Q&A) segment, take a photo with an “Oscar award” and print it out as memorabilia.

The Results

The interactive mobile truck was a huge success as it attracted a lot attention, especially the lunchtime work crowds in the CBD area.


"Great ideas have something in common with bad ones: Early on, they both sound ridiculous."