Interactive Projection


Convert any space into an unforgettable experience for your consumers with state-of-the-art gesture tracking platforms via the interactive walls or interactive floor surfaces. With this diversified technology, it opens up endless possibilities for marketers to showcase your brand message.


Inject Experiential Elements Into Your Interactive Presentations
With interactive projection, you can incorporate sensor-based movement controls for narrative visual presentations about your products, services and key messages for a unique experiential experience.

Stand Apart From Your Competition With Interactive Presentations
If you are looking for innovative ways to bring your corporate message or sales pitch alive, interactive projection is one sure way that can help you do that. Ideal for use at trade shows, road shows and exhibitions or even museums and experiential exhibits.

Grab Your Target Audience’s Attention In A Dynamic Way
As consumers become more tech-savvy, the way marketers deliver key marketing messages must also evolve to continuously keep the attention of target audiences. For example, using interactive projection in museums or galleries can greatly enhance the ability to bring information and history alive, so that audiences can appreciate a more immersive user experience.

Available Components of the Interactive Kiosk:

  1. Integrated Software that enables push-button triggers for different projections
  2. Sensor-based motion controls