Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk

Liven up your retail space or event booth with our high-tech interactive kiosk, which is ideal for enhancing consumer engagement while enabling them to explore your products/services at their own pace.

Customise Your Interactive Kiosk To Meet Your Business Needs
With a wide array of software options such as directories, wayfinding, queue management and informative kiosk functions, we can design and build a kiosk according to your business needs. This is useful for retail businesses such as shopping malls.

Reduce Printing Costs for Your Business  
With the interactive kiosk, you can display your whole range of products and/or services for promotion on the screen. This is because the kiosk can support all your e-brochures in creating an interactive brand experience.

Flexible and Timely Promotions Updates
The interactive kiosk can be used to display your marketing promotions.
With changes in your promotions mechanics, the kiosk interface can be quickly tweaked, redesigned, and activated to reflect these changes to the consumers. It can also be branded with your corporate look and feel for a more lasting appeal.


Available Components of Interactive Kiosk:

  1. Fully Customisable Software (Directories, Wayfinding, Information Kiosk)
  2. 10-point Capacitive Touch