3 Tips to Create a Successful Interactive Media Campaign

Written by: Joel Goh Edited by: Zack Lim Date: 6 Nov 2017


Are you brainstorming on what to do with your upcoming campaign? Even though technology is a powerful tool in marketing, incorporating technology does not make your campaign successful. Like us, you may have also learned that technology can also be the cause of many problems. We have often been called in to offer advice on how to create a successful interactive media campaign. First, we must acknowledge that we cannot rely solely on the technology as there are several external factors that are highly influential in creating a successful one – we will share this with you at another time. 

We are in this field because we believe technology can make a significant and positive difference to your campaign. 

Here are 3 tips that we would like to share with you:

  1. Role Play 

First, imagine the environment that your interactive media campaign will be held at. Think about the people who will be in that environment: what is their profile? what kind of mental condition will they be in? what will they want to see and experience? 

We, as creative engineers are still fundamentally an engineer. What make us successful is not only the technical skills and pragmatism but most importantly, the sincere effort that we put into learning the environment and people. This initiative alone will help steer you into a relevant direction of thinking and spark many thoughts that will ensure meaningful engagements between machines and humans.  

  1. Engage 3 Senses

One of our favourite references is a game arcade. We never fail to see countless people get attracted and addicted to games. Have you ever wondered why? Let’s take this opportunity to apply what we have learned from point 1 (“Role Play”). We think the reasons are because the audio is loud, machines are attractive and the joystick makes for a fun experience. In the end, why do people keep going back? We think the reason is because it is rewarding. It brings joy and excitement. Some times, it also brings you prizes that you yearn for. 

Though not always possible, strive to engage the other 2 remaining senses if you can: smell and taste.

  1. Simplify Complexity  

Some people think that using the latest technology alone will make the campaign successful. We do not think so at all. Based on our track record, we found out that it is those campaigns that are simple for audience to comprehend and interact that are most successful. However, behind every simple-looking concept are long hours of conceptualising, designing and engineering. It is very important that we use new and relevant technologies but also learn how to simplify it for people to be more inclined to engage it.

Observe some of our projects here:

We are sure you will see more meaning to what we have shared above.