About Us

Date: 27 Feb 2016




About Trinax

“We are engineers, who just happen to be dream artists.”

Founded in Singapore, Trinax is a technology agency that is best known for designing and building the most innovative interactive media blocks in the physical world, to enable marketers create more inspiring, meaningful and engaging marketing campaigns.

From interactive food dispensers and uber-cool football boots to fantasy photo booths with superstars, we can turn your most outrageous marketing ideas into reality.

With our team of highly experienced engineers who dare to dream big, you can count on us to deliver experiential technologies with the most reliable software, hardware and intuitive user interfaces that capture your audiences and their imagination.

Be it a product launch, branding exercise, exhibition or tradeshow, you can be sure that your brand will stand out from the crowd, enabling you to attract, connect and engage with more consumers on a whole new level. With interactive digital media, you will instantly widen your consumer reach at events in a fun and meaningful way.1

Our Mission & Vision

At Trinax, our mission is to empower marketers to bring their marketing messages alive through interactive digital media solutions, so as to create more innovative and engaging experiences for consumers in the physical world.

Our vision is to create a whole new world of how marketers attract, connect and engage with their audiences in the physical world, by integrating interactive digital media into their marketing events.

Helmed by a highly experienced team of professional software and hardware developers, strategists, technologists, and visual artists, we combine both passion and purpose to bring digital content that inspire, attract and connect audiences together.

As a company, we strive to grow our business with the same zest and integrity to bridge technology and imagination as one.1